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Schoalrship Foundation

Tarq Shamar Clarida Scholarship Foundation is a prestigious  non-profit organization dedicated to educated America of the dangers of motorcycle accidents, ways to prevent motorcycle accidents, and awareness for innocent motorcycles. The foundation also strives to support high school seniors’ educational needs for higher education through monetary scholarships and awards. TSCSF seeks to work in such a way that will promote youth to be positive-influential citizens and continue to carry out the legacy of Tarq Shamar Clarida.

 To know Tarq  was to truly love him. Tarq knew the value of hard work and dedication. He was not a person to let his surroundings define him. Honest, loving, highly intellectual and wise are only a few words that describe his character. Students who seek to be awarded this scholarship must understand the value of hard work. Applicants are expected to show academic diligence, strong ethics, maturity, and other criteria that the selection panel deems necessary to carry on the legacy. If at any time a TSC Scholar fails to uphold the academic or ethical standards of this foundation, the scholarship and any other awards/honors associated with it will be revoked.